Closeup Fire Freeze: Effective Response To Tooth Decay, Gum Diseases

18 May 2013

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With the recent unveiling of Closeup Fire-freeze at an event in Lagos, Nigerians who suffer from the dual mouth problems of bad breath and gum decay, would heave a sigh of relief.

The innovative product was produced from the need to address the twin oral problems of tooth decay and severe gum diseases. It is an extension of the leading Close Up toothpaste brand, from the stables of Unilever Nigeria Plc, and it is said to contain ingredients to fight these health challenges.              

According to the Unilever Managing Director, Mr. Thabo Mabe, the product was born out of the need to address the twin problem of tooth decay and severe gum diseases, which affects about 90 per cent and 20 per cent of global adult population, respectively.

His position is collaborated by widespread poor oral health across the globe. While Individuals accept it as part of life, especially where there is little or no access to dentists, more than one billion people do not use fluoride toothpaste. It is estimated that more than three billion people do not brush twice a day, a development that necessitated the brand to carry on a pan Nigeria campaign to educate Nigerians on the need to brush twice daily.

According to the World Health Organisation, in developed countries only 5–10 per cent of public health expenditure relates to oral health and in developing countries, where there is low awareness of oral hygiene and poor healthcare infrastructure, 90 per cent of dental cavities remain untreated.

Clinical data has shown that twice daily tooth brushing with fluoride toothpaste can reduce tooth decay by up to 50 per cent in children. Toothpaste with Zinc sulphate, an anti-malodour active provides up to 12 hours of fresh breath and ensures the cool feeling that lasts for hours.

Close Up commitment to deliver oral healthy Nigerians through innovative products is endearing.
Speaking at the Close Up Fire Freeze, Mr. Mabe said, “Innovation is absolutely essential if the world must combat the incredible rates of tooth decay that prevails globally and promote oral health. We today live in a world where tooth decay affects around 90 per cent of people worldwide, while up to 20 per cent of the world’s adult population suffer severe gum disease. We are proud that through innovations like Close Up Fire Freeze, we can play a part in promoting oral health in Nigeria and globally. Fire freeze truly embodies the timeless qualities that have made Closeup the number one toothpaste brand in Nigeria. This includes ingredients that offer consumers long lasting freshness and protection from germs that cause tooth decay.”

The National President of the Nigerian Dental Association, Dr. Olurotimi Olojede, noted that many people, who have mouth odour don’t know that they have it. “We want people to know that Close Up Fire-freeze will take good care of your mouth while also leaving it with long lasting freshness,” he said.

Brand Building Director, David Okeme said of the new Closeup Fire-Freeze; “The warm red gel helps fight odour-causing germs to reduce bad breath, while the cool blue gel cools the mouth for Close-up’s new longest lasting freshness variant.

“Together, both gels guarantee strong, white and healthy teeth and that is why Closeup Fire Freeze is suitable for the entire family. Its formulation and sensational delivery is a result of a breakthrough technology developed by the Research and Development team at Unilever globally, patented and exclusive to Unilever.”

Category Manager, Oral Care, Miss. Vivian Ihaza, stated that Close Up was the only brand in Nigeria endorsed by the Nigerian Dental Association as well as the FDI world Dental Federation.

One of the attendances at the launching of the new variant, Omolara Lasilo, a Nutrition and Dietetic graduate at Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta said, “We’ve all heard it from our parents and dentists that we should brush our teeth before bed and never ask for reasons why dentists and parents recommend nightly teeth brushing.

“When food is left on the teeth while we sleep, especially if it is sugary or acidic, it will start to break down the enamel around our teeth. Basically, not brushing our teeth at night is like purposely dumping a cup of acid on the teeth and leaving it there while you dream away. Because brushing our teeth at night removes plaque, food and other foreign objects, it also helps to fend off dragon breath in the morning. It doesn’t defeat morning breath all together, but it certainly is the best way to head it off. By not having rotting foods in the mouth, will only have slight morning breath caused by diet, instead of nasty dragon breath caused by infections and rotting foods in the mouth. These reasons are also the same reasons it is suggested to brush our teeth in the morning when we get up. To help get out anything that you may have missed while sleeping, as well as to get rid of any plaque that formed while it is advised to brush not just with a toothpaste but with Close up fire freeze because of its long lasting freshness,” she said.

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