Cleric Calls on Leaders to be Humble

23 Mar 2013

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Sheikh Abdul Rasaq Woleola

Though a gathering of the followers of Prophet Muhammed, the message from the Mawlid Nabiyy organised by Almustabishiruna Binabiyi Sheriff Islamic Organisation at Mushin in Lagos recently, achieved more than that. With the theme; ‘Muhammad the Embodiment of Humility’ the programme served as a wake-up call on arrogant and corrupt leaders to learn from the life style of the prophet of Islam, who was described at the event as a peace maker and humble fellow.

The guest speaker at the ceremony, who is also the National Missioner of the association, Sheikh Abdul Rasaq Woleola said the society would be a better place to live in if everybody follows the way of live of Prophet Muhammed. According to him; “The Prophet of Islam; Muhammed (Peace Be upon Him) lived a life that was full of humility, transparency and service to humanity. On many occasions, the prophet advised his followers to abhor arrogance and shun oppression.

But today, it is sad that many people who claimed to be followers of the prophet are found guilty of corruption, arrogance and extravagance, forgetting that portion of the Quran, where Allah stated that bad leaders shall be hanged on the Day of Judgment. For anybody to escape from this punishment, either as a religious leader, king, political leader or even the head of a company, we have to re-assess ourselves and see if we are working with fear of God” Quoting copiously from the holy Quran and teachings of the prophet to support his position, the cleric argued that Allah and his prophet are not comfortable with those who are arrogant.

To support his claim, Sheikh Woleola said the prophet was so humane that he did not like to be hailed by followers. The guest lecturer went on to relay a conversation between Prophet Muhammad and a man who addressed him as lord and the best among mankind.
According to him, the prophet had reverted to the statement by saying “O people, adopt piety so that Satan may not lead you astray. I am Muhammed, son of Abdullahi, servant of Allah and His messenger. I do not like you to exalt me from the status Allah ( God) has given me. Earlier, the speaker had told THISDAY that the mission of the association was to use the annual event to celebrate the prophet and educate his followers on how to live a worthy life.

“We started the association as a family fellowship but over the years, we have grown in size and number and therefore considered it necessary to initiate an annual gathering that would involve millions of Muslims, within and outside Lagos. In fairness, the major aim and objective have been met, considering the annual turn out and feedback we get from people” Also speaking at the event, the National President of the Association, Alhaji Abdul Rafiu Mohmoh, said Prophet Muhammed lived a modest life and never boasted of his social or political position either before or after success in Medinah.

Chairman Planning Committee of the event, Alhaji Oseni Wale Mikhail, in his closing remark tasked Muslims to be guided by the lessons they took away from the theme of the lecture, adding that the prophet’s life gave every living person the fundamental guidelines that are required to succeed in all area of human endeavour. The programme was attended by many organisations, Islamic institutions and top Muslim clerics within and outside Lagos.

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