Business Gospel According to LAMI’AH BIKA

08 Dec 2012

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Driven by a personal success story in network marketing, Lami’ah Bika left the United Kingdom for Nigeria with a vision to sow the entrepreneurial seed in youths. You could say it’s mission accomplished for the lawyer who is currently grooming a band of youths on how to successfully navigate the challenging terrain of business. LANRE ODUKOYA writes

Lami’ah Bika’s resume is intimidating. Her career seen her through some private and government agencies like  the Metropolitan Police, EDF Energy, British Gas, British Telecom, Transport for London and Orange Telecommunications. Working with such agencies imbued her with an impressive range of skills; but it also gave her an inclination lacking in many - the courage to float her own business.

“My attitude has always been that I wanted to work for myself, but without the burden of having to be physically present at an office every day. I should be able to make money from any location I find myself in anywhere around the world,” she said at a recent meeting.

So far for Bika, it’s been a journey of fulfillment as she grows her start up into a formidable force. In 2009, she went into a partnership with the health and wellness company, Kyani. But it wasn’t a walk in the park, she recalls. “I had to practically force the company to do business in the UK. It took me months of relentless pestering ever day to achieve this feat. The company kept saying ‘no’. But that didn’t stop me; I’ve heard this word too many times in my past and I’m used to changing the games.”

Her doggedness and tenacity soon flung the doors of resistance  open. “What determination and persistence won’t achieve is what doesn’t exist. In fact, even when they don’t exist, they will be invented,” Bika said.
The Edo-born entrepreneur introduced the company to the UK and her team later introduced the business to Nigeria, Ghana, Netherland, Italy, Dubai, Spain, France, Uganda, Kenya, South Africa, and Congo.  Bika’s team comprising over 25,000 distributors worldwide makes more than $2.5 million dollars for the company every month.

There’s no gainsaying that the products rewrote Bika’s story from an average earner to a hugely successful businesswoman. This explains the reason tens of thousands of her acolytes flock around to get a lead.

“People are always asking me why I chose multi-level marketing being a lawyer and having worked as a very successful business consultant for several companies in the UK.  My response is always this: multi level marketing is the only industry that has created the most number of millionaires on earth till date. And it is a fact. The investment costs are very low in comparison to investing in a traditional business.

The highest investment costs I have seen in any MLM is $1,000, lowest is $200, and the income is unlimited, it ranges from anything from $10.00 to hundreds of thousands of dollars in one month. Of course, it all depends on the individual and whether or not they are willing to work hard at the business.  Don’t think you will not work hard, because you will.  MLM is not a get rich quick scheme, but it can provide a legacy for anyone who is willing to work hard,” she explained.

Propagating the business has taken her across several borders of the world yet Bika is still willing to conquer more grounds in business. She has had her rough and tough times especially given that she is from a broken home. “It wasn’t all rosy, they had to label me a rebel at home because I never took no for an answer.”

It’s not a surprise then she rose to the zenith in the company within six months, a feat which normally took about two years or more to achieve. She broke all the myths in this US company as she received awards for the Highest Powerstart Earner, Highest Sponsor, Jackpot Winner, Highest Retailer, in a company of over 270,000 distributors with presence in 14 countries. Her team became the fastest growing in the company. She also received the UK GAB award as Business Woman of the Year.

Her dream is to help people succeed in multi-level marketing irrespective of the company they represent because, as noted, success is not about how much money she makes, but is measured by the number of lives she can positively impact.

In doing so, she has glimpsed an insightful lesson - people seldom take responsibility for their actions. “They criticize, make excuses and blame other people for things in their lives which they are not happy about. The consequences of this way of thinking can be very disastrous. It can impair all hopes for success and happiness later on in life.  The choice is yours, you can accept complete responsibility for your life, don’t give that power away, use it to change the course of your life.

“The truth is that, no matter how many mistakes you make or how slow your progress is you are still way ahead of everyone who isn’t trying or just quit.”

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