Burna Boy

28 Oct 2012

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Burna Boy

I’m not sure he got the memo: in this industry you have a better chance of success, approval and positive reviews if you learn to mind your business! The closer you are to meekness the easier it is to gain acceptance – ask Ruggedman, there’s hardly anything he does that isn’t criticised with ruthlessness! I am sure Burna Boy has heard it again and again that his six-packs makes the women get so excited his music begins to sound like the moaning from sex. Yes, he believes he is hot stuff. He turns on his radio, and at every given time there’s a female OAP cooing and lusting over him; and when he turns off the radio he can’t believe he is still walking on bare floor, he should he soaring in the sky: “I am hot, damn it!” he would say to his reflection in the mirror. This is the beginning of his biggest undoing! So trusting that he’s got all this love on his side, he foolishly goes on twitter and glues his own opinion to the ugly graffiti on Tonto…“Death is the least wack artistes deserve,” tweets Burna Boy.

I don’t know what Burna Boy looks like shirtless. I have not bothered to google. I have heard enough from my radio to know that he has a hot body. The only thing that I know about him is his music – and Burna Boy’s music is painfully average! He is not the next best thing; and no, he did not deserve to win a Headies as most six-packs-loving-fans had insinuated and cried over. Can you all just get over yourselves already? Stop allowing your lust jam your judgement for true talent. There’s no wow factor to Burna Boy’s music. He has been lucky to have graced very credible platforms in just a short time because the line between vanity and ability gets thinner by the day. And what we hear, we believe. Twitter even makes it harder for one to have a personal opinion that comes from personal conviction; everything is recycled, people get lazy and just buy into popular beliefs – the ones that they shove down our throats, especially in the media.

For Burna Boy to suggest death for anyone (especially after four young students were brutally killed in Aluu community) shows he is insensitive, unintelligent and lacks compassion. It also clearly shows that he has bought into grave delusion that he is a star to reckon with. Relax, you have just started this journey. If you cannot gird your utterances then do what celebrities do – get a team to handle your brand so you do not continue to act so foolishly online. He did tweet an apology after a while and insisted he wasn’t referring to Tonto (yea, right!), but it was probably too late. The sting from the previous tweet left many people livid.

It was still in that superfluous conceit that he mounted the stage at the Headies and fell like a plastic doll tossed out the window by an angry child. It was quite hilarious! Word of advice: stick to your business; grow your brand; leave others to make their mistakes. It is not in your place (as a celebrity) to criticise someone when your own feet is (still) wobbly. Learn from the best; learn from Tuface, MI, and Naeto C. And if you must talk, then it must be pleasant or else there’s no point talking at all. You can learn that from Don Jazzy. Learn!

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