Bimbo Thomas: I’m Single But Not Available

02 Feb 2013

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Bimbo Thomas

Her entry into comedy film with ‘Jenifa’ stamped her feet on the towering Yoruba movie sub-sector and since then, simply bubbly BIMBO THOMAS has graced the movie sets just as much as her face appears on several movie jackets. This graduate of Creative Arts spoke to LANRE ODUKOYA on her career and other industry issues

How did you start acting professionally?
It was when I was in UNILAG that my interest in acting began to well up. I actually didn’t get into it because I wanted to earn a living from it. It was due to the fact that I believed I had ample talent to show the waiting world if given the opportunity. Tayo Odueke a.k.a. Sikirat Sindodo was my course mate then at UNILAG. She was always encouraging me from time to time. I was so bonded with her that I went to several locations with her. It was on one of the locations that I met Abbey Lanre of the Odunfa caucus and like they say; the rest is history.

There seems to be many caucuses in the Yoruba movie industry; do you think that is helping the industry?
Caucuses of tutelage are different from actors coming together for various reasons. In the case of forming clicks, I think it’s not helping at all, but to some, it pays. It is different strokes for different folks. It’s so bad that even our audience knows who belongs to where in the industry and such motive doesn’t make us good professionals. If you belong to a faction, you can rest assured that you have a role in any of its forthcoming productions whether you’re qualified for the role or not. By so doing, several actors are denied roles because they are independent.

You said Sikirat Sindodo was your course mate. But some people said you stayed away from her during her days on the sick bed?
I cannot deny being Sikirat Sindodo’s course mate in school. Apart from being there physically on her sick bed, we also prayed relentlessly for her. This is an industry where whatever happens, one love still keeps us together.

Bad Girl roles are usually hauled at you in your movies and it seems it is the best you know how to interpret.
If you have followed my career well enough, you’ll know that I’ve featured in several films as different characters. I’m not a stereotype. What I noticed is that, if an actor interprets a role absolutely well, then it becomes a problem for the fellow because the actor will be invited by producers for similar roles. And we cannot say one shouldn’t be at his or her best in whatever role is there to interpret. That I played ‘bad girl’ in Omo Ghetto and Eru Iku Nla doesn’t mean that’s all it is to me when it comes to acting.

Is it true that after featuring in Funke Akindele’s ‘Jenifa’, you and a few others have become her disciples? Some allege that she decides what role you take and what company you keep in the industry.
Well, I’ve done quite a number of films and I can say that Jenifa/Omo Ghetto did it for me. It’s very funny that some people believe that I’m Funke Akundele’s follower, but let me use this medium to let our fans know that before the production of Jenifa, Funke Akindele and I have been friends and we are still together as we speak. None of us dictates to each other what to do and what not. As an adult, I take whatever decision I’m comfortable with, choose my scripts and work with whoever pleases me.

What are the things you look out for in men?
I appreciate great minds, I cherish the man who allows his wife have some sense of belonging. He must be God-fearing and must have good looks.

Are these the qualities you found in your man?
I can’t remember showing you any man; I know I’m single but not very available.

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