BBA House Winner: I Wanted to be There for Five Weeks

30 Aug 2013

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Namibia’s Dillish Mathews emerged winner of the Big Brother: The Chase last Sunday after 91 days in the Big Brother house to scoop the $300,000. She spoke with journalists immediately she was announced winner. Mary Ekah was in South Africa to witness the show

You got nominated five times for eviction; at what point did you think that you were okay for the game?
I think probably the second time I was saved from eviction, I got the feelings that I was okay for the game sort of. You know you just have the instinct that tells you everything is going to be okay.

Did you ever believe Africans would believe in you and were going to vote for you?
Yes, definitely, I did because there is always somebody that you know out there would appreciate you and cares about you because I have been watching the show and there is this feeling that I had towards it and I gave a bit of chance to everybody in the show and so I just knew there is someone out there working.

Are you really a true princess that you purport to be?
Yes’ I am princess because Steven, my boyfriend gave it to me while Africans gave me the biggest votes.

What was your intention for entering the Big Brother Africa show?
My friend, Maria and I had always wanted to do the show, we are big fans of the show and she knows how much I love it. Last year we wanted to enter but we could not make it and so we were not just bothered because when the show is not for you, it is not just for you. So this year, she entered alone and out of her own will, she just grabbed the form and filled in for me too. Surprisingly, I made it through and she didn’t but fortunately Big Brother called her at the last minute and gave her a through pass too. It was just a thing that we both wanted to do badly and we made it happen.

What is your message for the Namibians who supported you till the end of the show?
I am really proud of my country people and I hope they are proud of me.  I am very happy they have been taking good care of me and that they are protecting and praying for me. I love them so much I cannot wait to meet them again.

Is winning the game one of your biggest stories and how are you going to share it with the world on the part of charity?
Definitely, this is one of my biggest stories. I just won it and I don’t have the slightest idea of what to do with the money. I just budgeted to spend three weeks of my life to spend here and then eventually I made it to 91 days and won, so yes, it is the biggest highlight of my life. For African Magic, this is my African story and I have shared the story of life and childhood. People are afraid to come out and talk about these things but I made it open that it is okay to talk about abuse, separation, negligence and so on and for me that is the message that I have, that it is okay to talk about your life history, it is not a taboo so don’t try to hid anything, just feel free and be real.

You have been in the House for 91 days, so how are feeling right now psychologically?
Emotionally, I am happy and psychologically, if you were watching the show, I used to talk to the fish, in the mirrors and anything, so I was a little going kuku in there. So there comes a stage in the house when you are like normal and you change and keep fluctuating and then you become kuku and then real. So psychologically, I am fine and better but it was a bit scary when I walked out of the house and saw so many people because I have been used to just my housemates for a while, so it is going to take a while for me to adapt again and get used to meeting other people. It is crazy in there, you guys will not understand because in the house there is a different world entirely.

Now that you are out of the BBA House what are your next plans?
I just got out and I have no idea what the story is out there. I don’t know who have a deal for me and whose deal I can take and whose deal I can decline. I am just going to take it one step at a time. I don’t want to rush into things and I don’t want to let thing pass me by and so I just want to take it step by step.

What was your best moment in the House?
I think one of my best moments is when I discovered that I have always wanted to be a princess and then just entering the House with my best friend Maria.

When you entered the house, you had a viable relationship like others in the House but normally when they get into the House they start dating fellow housemates due to the situation in the House. How did you manage to survive this and were you ever tempted to try something out with one of the guys in the House?
Yes, there were temptations but I made it clear to the housemates that I am an honest person.  I won’t lie, I won’t come into the house and see handsome men with six pack who usually come in and take off their shirt and I say no don’t see anything, I see only Steven. No I did see and I was like wow, handsome but I didn’t make moves because I believed that when you are in a relationship, if you are going to break up, let it not be me that caused it, so that I can go back saying it is not my fault but yours and that was what I had in mind and I stayed true to myself. And if the relationship breaks up it is due to him and not me.

If you were not engaged to Steven, who in the House would you have dated?
I had said the Bolt is really handsome when you look at him, but the stuff that comes out of his mouth is such a turn off, if not Bolt… How can I say this? I don’t want to make it sound funny in way. Yes, Maria and Melvin had a little thing going on but he is really handsome, he has a six pack, so if Steven wasn’t there, it would probably be Bolt or Melvin.

When you made the top five, at least you knew you were close to the money, what were your plans for the money and now that you have the money what would you do with it?
I made it very clear from the beginning that I just want to get a house for my siblings and myself to be together. It might sound like something stupid but I never had that family atmosphere of being together but now I can go and do that. And I had told my siblings that before they turned 18, we all will be in a house together and look what happened!

What is the most important thing that you missed out there when in the Big Brother House, apart from your boy friend, Steven?
I would say basically that I missed my siblings because they are like children to me and my grand father and the outside world in general like having the freedom to walk to a shop and have whatever I want without being watched by the camera.

When was it that you started losing conscious of the camera?
When I became the Princes and was free to talk to the fish, mirrors; that was when I was like, the cameras are just part of the decoration and so I won’t take it any more as cameras through which people are watching me, so I can say basically that I lost consciousness of the cameras when I was in delusion in a way.

Will you share your money with your best friend Maria?
No! I will not.

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