As Pokello Takes A Bow, Bassey Follows Suit

28 Jul 2013

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Bassey, Pokello and IK

By Ada Igboanugo
The chase came to a halt for Bassey and Pokello two of the most popular contestants this season. While Natasha shut down Malawi’s international airport for some time as her home fans came out in their numbers to receive her, Selly on the other hand was quite busy dishing out words in a press conference about her plans to sue former beau Nando for publicly demeaning her with his earlier accusations of her of gifting him with a sexually transmitted disease after their tryst.

Bassey’s name was called by the one person every housemates dreads to hear from on a Sunday eviction show, IK and the Sierra Leonean went to meet him after which he was told Bimp was behind his oust and he seemed unperturbed further revealing, having been asked, that he was only being a big brother to Nigeria’s Beverly and nothing romantic could possibly happen between them.
Next up was serial nominee and eviction survivor Pokello from Zimbabwe. Known for her popularity, Pokello didn’t leave without planting a passionate kiss on Elikem’s lips. It would have been awkward if she didn’t leave dramatically, revealing later that what she felt for him was real and she wasn’t being a player.

Who Saved Melvin?
Melvin had a strategy; he used it and he succeeded. After whimpering in our ears about his guilt for kicking a fellow chasemate out [like it wasn’t a game] he went ahead to nominate himself, even refusing to save himself despite Biggie’s suggestion to. But of course, that was the strategy. He used his emotionally innocent, purring charms to get Nigerians and Africa across to vote him to stay instead and it worked. Gleeful with pride at his success at swaying the continent, he is rest assured he is in for good. If you think I’m wrong, during the eviction, why didn’t he opt to be in one of the evictee’s place as a sacrificial lamb- if he really meant all the emotional crap he put up?

Beverly Gets Fingered: What else is new?
So stones have been cast, fingers pointed and ears filled with the news of Beverly being fingered and I dare ask, what is new under the sun? Is it the incessant sexual starvation the housemates portray or their very well behaved selves? I’m not defending what she did but didn’t we all know it was bound to happen? At least, she didn’t break the Nigerian ethical rule by going on to have sex in the house; at least not yet. This is just another Ofunneka. Let us just hope it would remain at that.

Of Fatima, Hakeem and Fake Chasemates
The duo of Fatima and Hakeem were surprised as they were sent home in a tense session. The Malawian lass Fatima scored the least votes per country and was the first housemate to be evicted. Betraying no emotions whatsoever, Fatima was shown clips of her stay in the house and chatted briefly with IK about the experience. “No drama, no drama. It’s not about you, chill out!’’ she reprimanded compatriot Natasha, who was about to start acting out.

On the other hand, Hunky Hakeem was the surprise eviction of the night as he wasn’t nominated initially but was a victim of Melvin’s save-and-replace decision. Melvin was obviously uncomfortable and inconsolable, asking God to forgive him for putting Hakeem up for eviction. Pfft! But the Zimbabwean didn’t leave without revealing that he had a thing for Cleo and that it was real.

On Ghana, STDs, Natasha, Selly and What-Not
It was another eventful week in the house as the memorable events concluded with the double eviction of Selly and Natasha. After an explosive nominations session that saw former Head of House Melvin choose not to save himself, insisting instead on tasting nomination fever, Africa sent in the verdict. Melvin was still clearly distraught after his save and replace decision the previous week saw buddy Hakeem booted out unceremoniously. Ruby Head of House O’Neal had no such problems though as he promptly traded Selly for Ghanaian Elikem.

After votes were collated, Selly scored the fewest country votes and her chase came to an abrupt end. She was obviously shell shocked as Big Brother ordered her to pack her things and leave the house.
It wasn’t over though as Natasha, the domestic diva from Malawi was not so lucky this time. After escaping evictions three times previously on The Chase, her time came to an end as she ended up on the short stick of the tie breaker that also involved Cleo and Pokello.

Both ladies expressed their gratitude at being given a chance to play the game and Selly went all the way to endorse Melvin as potential champion saying, he was the only guy who was totally committed to The Chase.
Former lovebirds Nando and Selly had a bitter fight that culminated in Nando using the B-word when referring to her and telling any who cared to listen that Selly had infected him with a sexually transmitted disease following their torrid tango. Selly however till this day, denies having any sexual relations with Nando.

Up for Eviction
The Trio of Sulu from Zambia, Elikem from Ghana and Anabel from Kenya are all up for eviction this week.

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