Arewa Youths Seeks Dialogue with Jonathan

23 May 2012

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 President Goodluck Jonathan

By Godwin Haruna
Concerned by the rising spate of violence in some Northern states of the country, the Arewa Youth Forum (AYF) Tuesday urged President Goodluck Jonathan to engage the youths in a meaningful dialogue with a view to proffering lasting solution to the menace that has resulted in wanton destruction of lives and property.

The pan Northern group attributed the immediate cause of the insurgence to poverty, illiteracy and neglect by successive governments.

AYF under the leadership of Alhaji Ibrahim Gunjujgu, rose from an emergency meeting yesterday in Abuja and called on the President to emulate the virtues of late President Umaru Musa Yar’Adua, who introduced amnesty in the then troubled Niger delta region when the youths were agitating for their rights.

They noted: “The cost of maintaining security in the north is quite alarming as it goes to the detriment of core development that we are lacking. It is only when Mr. President listens to the aggrieved youths in the north that he will be able to know their pains and therefore, take practical steps to proffering lasting solution to the poverty, illiteracy and dearth of social amenities that resulted in the seemingly unending violence.”

They stated further in their statement: “We refer to the case of the Niger Delta youth restiveness, which posed a serious threat and challenge to our nation when the late President Yar'Adua in his wisdom took a giant stride by introducing amnesty programme for the restive youths.

“Today, these men and women who were hitherto fighting the government have been trained in various fields of endeavour and now have a sense of belonging. Today we can say with all sense of modesty that the amnesty programme was a huge success.

“The late president dangled the carrots, the militant Niger Delta youths embraced it, surrendered their arms and today the region is in peace. It is this same line that the Arewa Youth Forum is calling on Mr. President to toe. There is no gainsaying that the violence and terror in the north is even worse than what we had in the Niger Delta. And unlike the Niger Delta, the violence in the northern region is targeted at lives, security agents, property and even livestock. In short, life in the north is miserable to say the least.”

The group said the insurgence might seem insurmountable on the surface, but a closer look into the root cause would suggest otherwise; adding: “Insurmountable as it may seem, the insurgence can be curbed if President Jonathan applies the solution-oriented vision that late President Yar’Adua employed during the Niger Delta crisis and this is what AYF is asking for.”

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  • Even Yaradua could not handle Boko Haram becos it was clear the problem was Islamic extremist Brainwashing.What has a demand for Shariarisation of Northern Nigeria got to do with Poverty.?
    On the hand a demand for a halt to environmental devastation and deprivation of livelihood ,as well as,more local involvement in use and control of oil resources is CLEARLY understandable.

    From: SAGO

    Posted: 3 years ago

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  • The militants in the Niger Delta were fighting to control their resources which has been forceful taken over by the northerners, they were not suicide bombers and were not killing innocent nigerians nor carrying out wanton destruction of lives and properties. They want to manage their
    God given resources, they BOkO or GBOKO harems should return to their farms and milk their money

    From: Henry Idise

    Posted: 3 years ago

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  • @Sago, your ill perceived sentiments have led you to unconciuosly or rather ignorantly undermine the capacity of President GEJ that even the late President Yaradua (may his soul RIP) "could not handle the Boko Haram" meaning in comparison GEJ could not. and by the way, be informed that the BH are not representing islam neither promoting islamic causes. what they have been doing totally derailed from the teaching of islam, and is only when there is peace in the country there and then you will enjoy your so called oil wealth. Keep your sentiments aside please and think of what to do to move the country ahead.


    Posted: 3 years ago

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  • The agitating youths of the Niger Delta had a case. The reckless exploitation of the Niger Delta Oil and Gas resources and its attendant consequences on the environment and the quality of life of the people of the Niger Delta which has gone on for more than 60 decades! They had a right to be angry!
    Besides the leaders and elders of the Niger Delta took charge an did what they should do!
    Do we see that in the North today? What does Boko Haram want? Islamize Nigeria?
    Are these people serious?

    From: Adam Omale

    Posted: 3 years ago

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  • l dont know whether these comments came out from a human beign or imbecci. Niger Delta, a region l do not visited as a Nigeria were fighting for in justice, destruction and inhabitable pollution by oil companies. what is the comparison of whose property was destroyed and some body destroying another persons property regarding to amnesty. Our journalist should mind publications not to pummel anarchy. Can they give us one reason for their despicable, villainous and the nefarious activities of the organized-crime syndicates.

    From: Tricia

    Posted: 3 years ago

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  • There is a clear indication that AYF is supporting their brother Boko haramist because there is no where you can compare Niger Delta violence with that of Boko Haram that are fighting churches destroying lives and property in the name of Islamist sect. you are talking of amnesty i believe that is not their problem they know their mission. God Almighty will grant them the amnesty if they are ready to surrender their life to Christ and confess their sins, and stop killing innocent Nigerians.

    From: xty O

    Posted: 3 years ago

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  • mr president just ignore the AYF unless if they identify themselves as BOKO HARAM then you can dialogue with them ,their ultrances has shown that you should not continue to look for boko haram rather the northern youths has agree to destroy their region.And for AYF poverty can never be an excuse to your actions cos we still have many poor people in other region , so work for unity of the country rather than destroying it in the name of islamisation

    From: goldman south africa

    Posted: 3 years ago

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