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25 Aug 2013

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 Bimp,  Angelo and Ik

By Ada  Igboanugo
Ethiopia’s Bimp and South Africa’s Angelo dropped off the radar. Their eviction comes one week short of the Grand Finale. With their departure,  Beverley, Melvin, Cleo, Dillish and Elikem are left behind in The Chase, and in the contention of their lives.

Big Brother did things differently this week, summoning Bimp, Dillish and Angelo to the Rendezvous Room after Elikem had revealed his “save & replace” decision. Bimp was summoned onto the stage first as Angelo and Dillish awaited their fate.

He told IK that his time in the house had given him the chance to reconnect with his spirituality and his faith. On his “beef” with Elikem, he said “we’re just two different people. The week he was nominated, he was so nice to everybody and then when he became Head of House that Monday, he became a different person and that didn’t sit well with me.” Asked about his other nemesis, Pokello, he said, “I think the feeling is mutual.”

Angelo was summoned from the Rendezvous Room next, joining IK on stage, defending his video clip of his various interactions with the ladies in the house with, “I think I was just chasing my feelings and I think it’s important that you follow your feelings and not hold back.’’ And as for Beverly, “At the same time I was happy to meet Beverly, she’s a great person, I wanted it to happen, I’m glad it happened that way.” Asked about being evicted by virtue of being swapped and not nominated, the South African was philosophical. “I knew I was swapped, if I’d survived I’d have been grateful. I never went into the house for the money, I went in to represent my country and Africa and I’m still going to try and do the things I wanted to do.”

It boiled down to 7 asFeza Joined Lover.
Big Brother Africa has proven that it has no patience for silly love affairs as the lovebirds almost always end up on the short end of the stick. Feza’s eviction was almost predictable following the oust of her love toy from the house, and like love’s tragic end, it was like there was nothing to compete for anymore, or at least that’s what Africa thought when they invested their votes somewhere else.
Hugs and kisses have become the norm for being asked to leave the competition and Feza gave out her own fair share, and later on professed her love for O’Neal when she met with IK on the stage. This was even when she wasn’t too pleased with the revelation of her perpetrators. Before leaving, she expressed her distrust for Cleo and went ahead to predict Beverly’s beau to wear the crown at the end. Maybe Beverly saw this too ergo her tightness on the South African.
Lover boy on the other hand came back on the show as a guest appearance but not to seal the love tangle, but in fact to profess his new-found love for something else: Museums.

Keagan Made an Appearance
Last year’s winner Keegan returned to the spotlight to give Africa details on his life since the win. He recalled the moment the prize money was wired into his account and revealed that he invested most of it. Keegan also dished on his relationship with ex-housemate and love interest Talia, saying that once outside the house, they decided to go their separate ways. Current housemates should take note.

AIDS Awareness with Ice Prince
Big Brother partnered with ONE campaign to promote HIV awareness and fight poverty in Africa so housemates were tasked serially in line with the theme. Ice Prince visited the house mates and enlightened them on the importance of ONE campaign’s activities and why he became an ambassador.

Africa Union at 50
Mates were tasked to make a painting to celebrate the Africa Union’s 50th anniversary and cook for the less privileged among other chores. Biggie also directed them to go without food and cut off the power supply for some time in order to sympathise with the continent’s less fortunate.
Housemates were rewarded with video sessions from loved ones back home and as expected many of them were left teary-eyed.

The remaining eight...
Beverly and Angelo are still hitting it off pretty well with Angelo revealing that beau inspires him and understands him better than anyone else. But then, she still drinks like a fish, still claims to have been assaulted by men in her life. Meanwhile, Elikem and Bimp still are on with their feud. Ditto Feza and Cleo. Dillish is still pretty yet unavailable and Melvin is still well… Melvin.

Beverly Inspired Angelo?
“The person that inspires me the most is Beverly. She can read me very well. I am not used to having someone read me so well,” Angelo told Big Brother during his Diary session this afternoon.

“She inspires me to go and pray and inspires me to read something and I feel lucky to have someone to take note and who takes the time to inspire you,” he added. Big Brother probed the South African about the status of their relationship and if they have any fears that they will share the same unlucky fate as the other couples in The Chase.

The Ruby fellow said that he was not worried about them being targeted for being a couple because they are both strong individuals that make time to do their own thing so no one would be intimidated by their relationship.

During her Diary session Beverly was full of optimism about the future for her and her man. “I hope that we can continue to be together outside of the House,” the Nigerian said to Biggie.

This declaration comes after the young model got some brotherly advice from Elikem earlier in the day about her romance with Angelo. “Make the right choice. Open your eyes that’s all,” the Ghanaian warned her.

Who’s up?
The final Five: Melvin, Beverly, Dillish, Cleo and Elikem are fighting for their stay this week. What is the possibility of a Nigerian winning?

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