Alleged Fraud: Court Hears Saraki’s Application Tomorrow

25 Apr 2012

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Bukola Saraki

By  Tobi Soniyi and Hammed Shittu

A  Federal High Court in Abuja will tomorrow hear an application by former Governor of Kwara State, Senator Bukola Saraki, to stop the police from investigating him for alleged fraud.

Saraki’s lawyer, Lawal Rabana (SAN), had applied to the court via an ex-parte application for the enforcement of his client's fundamental rights. However, the court not willing to grant  the ex-parte application,  advised that police be served with the motion on notice which was filed alongside the ex-parte application.

Saraki is presently representing Kwara Central senatorial district.
Contrary to claim by his media aide, Akintoba Fatiregun, that he had obtained an interim injunction restraining the Inspector General of Police (IG), Mohammed Abubakar, and his men from arresting him or infringe on his rights pending the determination of the substantive suit on May 26, no such injunction was granted by the Federal High Court.

The statement by Saraki’s aide issued and made available to journalists in Ilorin yesterday, read: “the move was to protect his dignity and prevent further harassment.”

The statement read thus: “The motion on notice and other processes including Originating Summons were filed by his counsel Lawal Rabana (SAN), and same were served and duly received by the Commissioner of Police, Legal department at the police force headquarters Louis Edet House, Abuja.
“As a law-abiding citizen, Senator Saraki has decided to seek legal redress to put a stop to what appears an orchestrated frenzy calculated at smearing his name, assaulting his dignity and intimidating his person through deliberately garbled accounts and serial leaks concerning loans granted to a company that he has no relationship with.

“Senator Saraki is indeed in receipt of a letter from the Police Special anti-Fraud Unit, Lagos, inviting him to assist its investigations of a case of ‘conspiracy, forgery and stealing the sum of N21,000,000, 000 belonging to Joy Petroleum Limited.’ Saraki has made it clear on many occasions that he has no relations with Joy Petroleum and wishes to so restate.

“While taking note of and displeased with the tendentious attempts to prosecute and persecute him on the pages of the media, Senator Saraki has asked the court to determine whether he could be invited by the police to assist in investigating a matter in which he is not linked and for which no specific allegation has been made against him.

Saraki wishes to assure all Nigerians that he has nothing to hide and he remains a law-abiding citizen but that he also has a responsibility to protect himself under the law against what increasingly appears a deliberate smear campaign designed his persons.”

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  • If he has nothing to hide, why the jittery? Mere invitation by police does not automatically imply conviction. Why not honor the invitation first, and then complain? Some Nigerians belief they are over and above the law. If a supposedly law-maker could disobey the institution of law, what right has he to believe that ordinary Nigerians would obey the law? This country is funny place.

    From: Victor Awa

    Posted: 3 years ago

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  • Saraki has nothing to do with all these issues. A loan was granted to a company by a bank; the bank later granted waiver based on the information available to it. It is strange that a new owner of the bank is now turning around to activate a loan account that had been closed even before the bank was sold to them. That is not due diligence. We should not politicise everything for God sake. Loan waiver is a UNIVERSAL thing. It is not criminal.


    Posted: 3 years ago

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  • Why rushing to court to obtain an injunction? Does this rush to court to prevent contact with police suggest that Saraki Bukola has nothing to do with the matter? And the lies about obtaining interim injunction to stop the police in its track to arrest and/or interrogate him (Saraki), whose project was that? Why would a person that calls himself honorable and a law-abiding citizen of Nigeria be lying or allowing lies that directly benefit him be perpetrated on the public? Saraki Bukola must be a fool (I am so so sorry) to think that the Nigerian public cannot see through this charade of his. If he has nothing to hide, and knows nothing about the matter, it is a reasonable man's view that he should promptly answer the call of the police and offer the Force what it wants from him, instead of wasting thousands of naira, if not millions, in shielding himself from the police. Do not be surprised that Bukola Saraki may engage the police in a long-drawn legal battle until the matter slides into the lapse region of the public's memory (remember Bababgida and the truth and reconciliation panel?) This is also a drama that reminds one of how the rich and the powerful use their ill-gotten money to buy justice and strew its path with formidable obstacles. The poor keeps money in banks, the poor manages to buy a well-touted shares in banks, and the poor expects that his savings and investments are secured. Unfortunately, it is largely not so in Nigeria. Frauds and hanky-panky eat up everything so much that poor has nothing for the present or the future, Yet, those who wantonly despoil the poor are still enjoying their loots and fending off any attempt to bring them to justice, Is the poor for ever screwed?

    This is why the poor continue to be poor and the middle class is completely wiped off the rubric of the fairly well- to-dos, and the middle class members are not better off than the poor, who they now share terrible fate with. Billions were borrowed and billions were written off as bad loans, and the collateral for those billions returned unjustifiably and yet the court should interfere that he be not questioned. If the police will not do its work, if the criminal justice administration fails again as it has done umpteen times (Ibori's matter is a case in point and Nigeria terribly got rubbished over that), and those shareholders, debentures holders and many others who had been defrauded could do nothing, surely God is watching. And for those that do not believe in the existence of God, there is what is called Karama! If Bukola Saraki can run from all and stay in a place of dignity, fortified with panoply of power, and throw "shit" and indignities at people: he should know that it is a question of time. Nigeria will run aground soon. It is no prediction, It is a fact-borne-assertion, because no nation can survive this epidemic of pilfering billions that no one can point out any economic and regenerative things that have been wrought with them. And when the day comes we may be worse off than Greece; and the Sarakis should be ready to increase the security of their homestead ten fold. It is going to be fire and blood. God save Nigeria.

    From: Ayodeji Otiti

    Posted: 3 years ago

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