27 Apr 2013

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Who is Chelsea Eze and why does she stand out?
Chelsea Eze is a 25-year-old Nigerian actress and model. I guess I stand out because I have pretty much lived in different parts of Nigeria.

What was your background like?
I was born in Kano and actually grew up there. I was brought up in a Christian family of four and I am the first child. I have two brothers and a sister. I can pretty much say I’m a Northern lady. But I’m from Abia State but my mum - a businesswoman - is from Anambra State. My father was a banker before he retired. I attended Spring Nursery and Primary School, in Kano, then Federal Government Girls College, Minjibir, also in Kano State and St. Louis Secondary School, Kano State and went to University of Maiduguri where I obtained a B.A degree in linguistics and English.

When and how did you get into the movie industry?
My debut was in 2009 with the movie, Silent Scandal. Before then I did church drama, but it was nothing serious as there were no cameras whatsoever. I auditioned with Emem Isong sometime in 2007, and in 2009 it was Vivian Ejike’s audition and my name came through. I guess they called me because of the character they were looking for which was fresh and young. So, I got the role but didn’t think I could do it because I would be on set with Genevieve Nnaji, Majid Michael and a few other big stars. I was too scared, but after speaking to my mum, she told me I should go for it and the rest was history.

You have won a couple of awards, can you tell us about them and how it felt winning them?
The feeling is fulfilling. My first movie, Silent Scandal got me AMAA nomination in 2009. The following year I got the AMAA Most Promising Actress award, ZAFAA’s Best Upcoming Actress and BON’s Revelation of the Year’ award. These are really a lot of achievements.

What are the things you consider before accepting a script from a filmmaker?
I often go for a good script that will make me very relevant in the industry. I take note of good quality films my senior colleagues have done and that is a good factor for me.

Do you have any other plans apart from acting movies?
Yes, I do. It’s still in the works but then let me spill a little: I’m considering music.

What’s your most memorable fashion moment and what did you wear on that day?
That will be the dress I wore for ZAFAA Awards in 2010. I was a nominee, so I had to look very gorgeous. I must say I really felt pretty that day.
What is the biggest lesson you have learnt about life?
I have learnt from life to be nice to everyone and never to take people for granted.

And what is the biggest business lesson you have been taught?
Never invest in a business you do not understand.

If l flipped through your bag, what am I likely to see?
You will find my identity card, ATM card, sanitiser, sunglasses, and of course my smartphones

Who is your kind of man?
My kind of man has to be God-fearing, with an amazing personality and he has to really adore me.

What does love mean to you?
Love means everything to me; I’m a lover, really. I take love very seriously. But, most importantly, I love myself first because I believe that is the only true way you can love another.

What will you do for love?
I will do anything for love as long as the love is worth it.

And what will you not do for love?
I will not kill for love. No, that one would be extreme.

If you were the president, what is the first law you will implement?
If I was the president, my first law will be to provide job for every graduate.

What are your fashion fetish?
Shoes and bags, definitely, because even on a tank top and leggings, with the right shoe and bag that outfit would stand out. They pretty much “pop” that look.

Do you have a favourite reality show?
I don’t really have a favourite, but I watch Keeping up with the Kardashians a lot.

If a fashion police were to search your wardrobe, would you be arrested for any fashion blunders?
I do not think so. I very much believe my fashion sense is on check.

Which celebrity in the world would you love to see patronise wear your Ankara shoes and carry your bags?
That will be Victoria Beckham.

Which celebrity in the world do you think has a near perfect life?
I would say Beyonce because she has it all working for her. She is hardworking, she is a mother, married, focused and a go-getter.

Which is your favourite perfume?
Creed - Sublime Vanille. I love it because of its fresh and very calm fragrance.

What are five things that would normally attract you to a man?
Good looks, kind heart, amazing sense of humour, fear of God, stylish dress sense.

If you had to go to an exotic island for a weekend what are the five things you will take along?
I will go with my water bottle, Bible, bikini, body oil and towel.

Which actor in the world would you like to act alongside?
George Clooney

How do you hope to impact the world with your acting career?
I intend to touch the lives of people through my work as an actress, interpreting beautiful and well-written scripts into a nice movie.

Who is your favourite Nigerian actor and actress?
OC Ukeje and Genevieve Nnaji.

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