Abia: Cleaning up the Vestiges of Mamacracy

10 Jan 2013

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Governor Theodore Orji

Moses Nna reckons that contrary to propaganda, efforts of the Governor Theodore Orji administration are to clean up the mess heaped on the state by the previous administration

It is a fact in dialectics that the status quo normally feels threatened whenever the prevailing order is confronted with messianic change. From the biblical and classical perspectives, history is replete with inherent contradictions that usually trail well-intentioned efforts to leapfrog a subjugated people from the pangs of the oppressor. And the latest of such shenanigans is a gratuitous antagonism of the quiet revolution happening in God’s Own State by a faceless and half-baked hireling who claimed to be an author and a poet based in Rivers State published in the THISDAY Newspaper of 31st December 2012.

But the pyrrhic victory of mud-throwing will definitely soil hands. One would not have bothered to join issues with the hollow ‘poet’ and misguided zealot. But the need to put the facts straight makes it imperative to put up this piece. For the avoidance of doubt, Abia is not a goon State. It is not also run on propaganda as claimed by one Odimegwu Onwumere. The State is rather recuperating from the eight years (1999-2007) of fiefdom and merciless plundering of her resources. Happily, the state is now making healthy and awesome progress. The dignity that had hitherto, eluded the State has been restored by Governor T.A. Orji.  Abia can now speak with one voice.

The inglorious self-destructive politicking and hide and seek pull-him-down syndrome are now a thing of the past. The demonic oath-taking by political office holders to extract devil-may-care loyalty is gone for good. Abia is now in the mainstream of national politics and commands array of intimidating eggheads who are part of the brain trusts of transformation agenda in Nigeria. These are the greatest dignity any people can earn. A further scrutiny of the incoherent piece of the said poet reveals a shallow understanding or a mischievous distortion of facts on ground in Abia.

Is it not shameful that a state of over two decades is still carrying out most of government operations in colonial buildings and rented offices?  Why couldn’t the predecessors of Ochendo set the state on the path of upward mobility?  Surely, one does not need a crystal ball to decipher the modernization strides springing up now in God’s Own State. Except the efforts of the present administration, there is absolutely nothing that distinguishes Umuahia as the state capital.

Yet, the latter-day do-gooders who had the opportunity to lay a solid foundation for the state, basked in a euphoria of ‘the assurance of a sleepwalker’ to discredit the uncommon legacies in the State - through renegades who strive to justify the pittances released to them in a fashion of a slave driver.

Nonetheless, Governor Orji’s legacies are verifiable and indisputable. He is building a new government house; two gigantic 4-storey office complexes for civil servants, ultra-modern offices for departments and agencies; state-of-the-art international conference centre; magnificent court complexes in Umuahia and Aba; Diagnostic Centres in Umuahia and Aba; over 200 health centres in all nooks and cranny of the state; reconstruction of rural and urban roads; trainings and provision of monthly stipends to 4500 youths; evacuation of electric power from Ohiya Power Station to boost electricity supply to Umuahia and environs; enabling the Osisioma Independent Geometric Power Project through public private partnership etc.

What about the feat in security tending? That Abia is now one of the safest investment and tourism havens is not a miracle. It takes a sustained administrative wizardry and political will to tackle the marauding gangs and their sponsors. Even the one billion naira agricultural loan which was mentioned by the undertaker-writer was transparently disbursed. A world class and experienced technocrat who distinguished himself in the pioneering days of National Directorate of Employment (NDE),Chief Chuku Nwachuku was the  consultant that disbursed the loan. A sane mind would not expect the immediate high yield returns, as bountiful harvests come in due time.

Another issue that is laughable is the perfunctory castigation of the magnanimous gestures of the wife of the governor in building houses for the underprivileged. What is wrong with that? Who does not know that the wife of the governor runs a pet project-Hannah May Foundation, which she effectively uses to put smiles on the faces of the downtrodden? I do not think that the said writer of the piece is genuine. It is like in African folklore the twittering of a sparrow dancing in the middle of the road, to the drumbeats of a deity in a nearby evil forest. We know the quarters where the mindless piece emanates.

The family dynasty that used to dispense favours to political surrogates in Abia now resorts to hackneyed expression of “biting the fingers that fed their bloody self”. The unfolding reality is that they are caroming like a billiard ball, not knowing that their insidious cleverness has reached a road end. Apparently, mamacracy (a system of government where the illiterate mother of a former governor controls all political appointments, contracts and party tickets) bred the seed of its own destruction. Even the sudden lull in the activities of the emasculating and dehumanizing Reality Organization would be an interesting case study - a body that used to reduce power seekers to subservience of hewers of wood and drawers of water.

Where is the so called ‘fastest’ growing party in Africa (PPA) which uncritically malformed to a private estate? The party owners rebelled against the wisdom of J.F. Kennedy’s admonition that “when power becomes arrogant, history will remind it of its limitations”. The truth is that a reflection on Orji Kalu years in Abia evokes a sad memory and leaves a sour taste in the mouth of adherents of good governance. He should therefore refrain from the tomfoolery of engaging hack writers to run down the legacy government of Abia State. 

• Nna contributed this piece from Ukpakiri, Obi Ngwa LGA of Abia State 

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