24 Jul 2011

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By Pastor E. Dania

A shepherd boy, son of Jesse was anointed King. I do not think this was a coincidence. I believe it was a deliberate action from a deliberate God because even though the Lord gave the children of Israel a king in Saul, it was because they asked for a king, and He granted their request.

The boy David was born to be king that was his destiny. What is destiny? 2 Peter 1 v 10. Your destiny can be defined as your ultimate election, that which God chose you for to do ultimately on the earth.

Also means that which you were elected to do before you were born.  David did not know he was born to be king, but was certain of his calling as a shepherd. Being equipped with a harp, and slingshot in hand, he gave being a shepherd his very best.

He knew his calling and mastered it. What are you doing now? How are you giving it your best and giving God praise. Let’s look a bit more into David’s faithfulness in what he was given to do and the contentment that went with it. He was on the field performing his duty when a prophet came calling to anoint him as king.

The prophet in his own human wisdom would never have considered David as a candidate to be king. But as he proclaimed David king, he released in David his destiny-election. Prior to this, David's destiny was in the cooler until the proclamation and anointing.

When God breathes on you, whatever is stagnant or dormant will become alive and refreshed. Note that not only will this attract good, but it will also send a signal to the kingdom of darkness that you are ready to take possession of your sphere of influence.

There is something in everyone that has not been released. The moment the prophet Samuel prophesied and anointed David did he become a king? The answer is no. It took him many years to become king. What I need you to understand, is that David lived with his destiny inside of him while he was being faithful to his calling.

In 1Sam17:26,  David called Goliath an "uncircumcised", something in David had been activated  and made him hate what the Lord hates and loves what He loves. You will notice from that point onward what became very useful to him were the items like the slingshot he always had. Whatever you need to defeat your personal Goliath is already in you.

The next thing was that David was invited to the palace because he could play the harp which he played on the field daily. For David to become a king he needed to fulfill his calling as a shepherd. What is your present call? What has God called you to do now?

One thing that hinders most of us like David is that even though he was anointed king he understood that to be king he needed to have a servant’s heart. Mark 9:35. He did not decide to help God make him king.

The pride of life has made it difficult for most of us to fulfill our call that leads to our ultimate election - our destiny. Due to covetousness many have left their calling and walking in other peoples calling thereby hindering themselves from reaching their destiny.

We copy other people and stray from our call. David did not start living like Jonathan the heir apparent to King Saul. Why? Because he had understanding of His calling and was humble enough to let God who anointed him, make him king at the appointed time.

Remember that the Lord said in John15:16. He chose us and we did not choose Him.  Everyone has been elected for a purpose and the grand plan is to take dominion as we discover our Destiny - election.
Pst. Emmanuel Dania

"A true helper is someone who reaches for your hand and touches your heart"


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