‘To Fight Breast Cancer, I Went Back To Nature’

01 Jun 2013

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In 2009, Mrs. Patsy Ikechukwu was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer. She was shocked because she believed she had been living a healthy lifestyle. During her treatment, she was always asking question, but her Oncologists were not forth coming with any answers as to what could have caused her cancer.

After her initial treatment, she was given a cocktail of daily medication that gave her unfavourable side effects.  At this point, she decided to look for answers through other sources like books and internet, using over 600 hours for research and studies, listened to naturopaths and people from the wellness industry. The new insight she gathered culminated in her establishing a non-governmental organisation Heritage Health Support Foundation. She intends to, through her organisation give people the choice between alternative and orthodox medicine.

“Hippocrates is the father of modern medicine, first, he said do no harm, and he also said let your food be your medicine and your medicine your food, but today we do the opposite we cut, burn and poison our God given body all in the name of treating disease that should not exist in the first place”, she said during an interview with THISDAY.

Ikechukwu, a certified Personal Trainer on fitness from European Institute of Fitness (EIF), said she would help people to build their health in terms of weight lose or just to gain muscle. “Some times because of lack of awareness, we find people who actually lose weight the wrong way, lose a lot of muscle tones. That is why you see some people who are trying to loss weight look flabby, but with proper training, the person does not have to end up being flabby, instead he would gain muscle tone, no matter how fat the person may be.”

When I was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer, I had some tantrum and I took some time to digest the whole thing. My doctor told me that everybody seem to be having cancer and I was not even yet 30 years of age.  At the beginning, I was like what is this? Because I ate right, never smoked and didn’t drink much of alcohol. I used to have enough vegetable and fruits, so when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I took the normal step for treatment. I had radiotherapy and chemotherapy, but looking back at it today, I think the treatment was way too much for a stage 1 breast cancer. After that, I was given two hormone treatments, which I was told of the side effect, but less than six months, it was way more than I was told.

“I was having horrible cramps, severe pains, couldn’t move my legs and body. I was dying from the effect of the drugs. The pains were unbearable, I went back to my doctors (oncologists), who said they would change the drugs to better ones because they actually prescribed them for me for five years but I turned it down and said I would try it for two years.

“However, when the pains were becoming too much, I told my doctors that I would like to get out of this place. Then one day, I woke and I couldn’t just move and I decided that I have had enough; that was early 2010. So I started doing a lot of research on alternative treatment and I got a lot of information, which actually changed my life. Then I decided that I was not going to be on that medication any more. So I started finding out all the horrible information that is being hidden from the public about cancer treatment as I dig the more.”

“For over forty years now, billions of dollars have been spent on cancer research and yet drugs for treatment of cancer still remains the most expensive. So if it is still the most expensive drug after spending so much on research, then it is very obvious that the industry is not ready to stop cancer; they won’t stop it not until we take our own lives in our hands. This is something that we have to wake up to and realise that nobody will do it for us, not even our government or international bodies.

“This is something that we have to come together as communities at the local and state levels, or it will never change”, she noted.

To this end, the personal fitness trainer is organising various programmes for the weight loss and how to prevent and reverse cancer, diabetes and heart disease, which started on May 25 in Lagos and would be repeated on June 1 in Asaba, Delta State and in Abuja on June 8, with the aim of educating Nigerians and the world on the danger of consuming foods that contain synthetic products. Another programme on the pipeline, she said is Health Freedom 101, which comes up in October, adding: “We will bring together naturopaths and doctors who are treating cancer without any poison, or cut but with God’s own living foods and plants.

“There is a saying in America that the whiter your bread, the closer to the grave you are. So when I started doing my research, I was very worried for Africa because I found out a lot of things.  There were two programmes that I watched, one was by one Dr. Rima, she was actually explaining how our food have been adulterated and are going to be more difficult to the next generation in this era because of some group of people who believe that the world is overpopulated and that two billion people on earth are supposed to die of starvation and another three billion will die from malnutrition. In a nutshell, it sounds farfetched, but after I listened to her several times, I realised how much people have been destroyed with the chemical codex and floride, which have been in our food supply for a very long time.

“Seventy percent of rat poison is floride and this fluoride is in our toothpastes and a lot of other foodstuff, but it is hidden. The worst part of it is that the fluoride we have today is more deadly than the floride that doctors used in days far back. There are so much toxins in our food supply these days”, Ikechukwu further stated

She explained that even foods that are supposedly natural contain some toxins in them. “In the natural food supply, the chemicals in it are pesticide, synthetic fertiliser, which are very bad and I don’t understand why Nigerians are using so much fertiliser and other chemical. In Europe you have a choice where you eat food or poison. But in Nigeria, we have no control. You don’t know which is fertiliser or organic at the moment and so it is very difficult for a consumer who wants to be healthy to make a choice and that is the more reason we have to educate Nigerians on this.”

To this end, her programme would teach people how to reverse cancer and diabetes, which they can easily do by eating the right food. “I wanted to bring them in teach them what to do for probably two months and then allow them to go back and live their life the way they have been taught, but it became so difficult when I found out that the so called organic food supply in Nigeria is laced with chemicals.

“I was introduced to a natural product, which is one of the biggest brands in Nigeria. I was so overexcited that I took a huge sum of money and purchased it but when I decided to go through the ingredients, I was so surprised that apart from four ingredients that were vegetable, the rest were all synthetic chemicals that are linked one way or the other to cancer. I decided to check other products in the line of that company, to my greatest surprise, they were all tinted with synthetic chemicals that European countries are removing from their products but Nigerians are buying these products at exorbitant prices.

“There is nothing natural about these products, if there is so much synthetic and chemicals in them, which eat up the human cell, especially the brain cell and even children are getting diabetic as result of the food they take in”, she lamented.

Ever heard of the word “self destruction”? Information is key; people are dying because of lack of knowledge, not because they are poor.  Nobody need to be sick in the first place except infectious disease but cancer, Diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, Fibroids and so on, must be stopped, it is becoming difficult to find grand or even grand parents these days, those few left have two three or even four different diseases.”

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