‘Only Adventurous Clients Can Sponsor Revolutionary works’

19 Jan 2013

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Tunji Abioye, chief executive officer of Fuel Communications

Tunji Abioye, chief executive officer of Fuel Communications which made its debut on the last edition of LAIF medals table with two nominations and carting home a silver medal shares his thoughts with KASIE ABONE on his agency’s vision for the year 2013and other issues

What is fuel Communications’ vision for 2013?

It is to be adjudged the poster agency for dramatic and ‘unpopular’ brand communication. Do at least 200 percent increase over our output in 2012?

Ad industry major challenge in 2012

Nigeria’s advertising industry’s biggest challenge in 2012 was in my view (funnily) tied largely to the scary level of insecurity in the North. Of course, that impacted negatively on the commercial activism not only in that zone, but also across the country.

Creativity, gold drought at LAIF and implications on the industry?

As a fall-out of the credit crunch/financial crises of a few years ago, clients’ attention shifted to hard metrics – sales and sales pipeline. The brand became nothing but the proverbial cow – milked by both clients and agency. Everybody gets paid but only the brand suffers. Who takes care of the brand? Where are her custodians? Where are her advocates?

Revolutionary clients, clients who understand adventure as a window to growth, can only sponsor revolutionary works. Take ‘redbullstratos’ as a case study? How many clients can commission legendary work like that? Without the corporate will of the principals, ‘me too’ campaigns are what would continue to form the critical mass of the works from Adland.

Winning silver and nomination at LAIF
Great!  Absolutely fantastic! It’s the first of many more to come.

Comment and advice to LAIF organisers?

Kudos to the entire LAIF/AAAN team for a great event. However, we feel a lot of thought and creativity can still be integrated into the yearly event. As experienced architects for various clients, ad men can make their own signature event an unforgettable and breath-taking one – a sort of Mecca for men and women with differentiated acumen.
From the setting to the content and memorabilia, we can do more to demonstrate the inventiveness we peddle. In fact, this should cascade into even the actual awards itself, (The Gong) – in terms of design and lettering.

Creativity and work ethics
Creativity in advertising, among other things, is an agile inter-marriage of unique points-of-view and ingenious execution. Fuel believes in the unpopular; the iconoclast and this is what we bring to bear on all our briefs. Our debut on the winner’s table/nomination list showed that our point of view is actually working... that we are getting people’s attention in distinctive and fresh ways. The game can only get better from now on.

Going forward
Our industry’s advancement is tied both to the growth in the larger Nigerian economy as well as a return to professionalism by players in the advertising industry. The latter, I hope ACCAPA reform being championed by APCON will help the former only by a sense of seriousness by the government (the biggest player in the Nigerian economy).

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